Diesel locomotives Type 411Da


    A single-cabin diesel-electric locomotive type 411 Da of 1200 HP designed for heavy-duty shunting service on marshalling and hump yards.
    On account of it's duty the locomotive is equipped with a large fuel tank ensuring some 7 days of operation without refuelling . The electrical system of the locomotive ensures high top speed of 80 km/h at full power of the diesel engine. This feature allows to use the locomotive for hauling goods trains on lines permitting 20 tons of load per axle.
    The constructions of the locomotive, fully meets the specific conditions of shunting work, i.e. frequent power adjustments, work under part loads, common motion direction changes, starting with high torque, etc.
    The locomotive may operate under ambient temperature from -25°C to +32°C, at altitudes up to 1000 m above  sea level at relative air humidity averaging 70%.
The underframe and sills are designed for mounting the automatic UIC coupling .

Track gauge1435 mm
Axle arrangementCo-Co
Rated power of diesel engineHP 1200
Service weight120-3% t
Axle load20-3% t
Empty weight113.3-3% t
Diameter of driving wheels1100 mm
Length over buffers17000 mm
Max. width3156 mm
Max. height4285 mm
Top speed80 km/h
Max. tractive effort at starting360 kN
Max. weight of shunted wagons3000 t
Continuous speed12.3 km/h
Continuous tractive effort182 kN
Minimum track curve80 m
Limiting outlinesUIC
tank capacity
4000 dm3
Sander capacity1500 kg

Battery of alkaline accumulators:
capacity200 Ah
voltage86 V

Air compressor (set)
output102 m3/h
pressure1 MPa
Air braketype OERLIKONcompound and auxiliary

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