Modernized locomotive type 6Da/R

Appropriation for modernized locomotive of 6Da/R type

    The modernized diesel locomotive of 6Da/R type is applied for operation in a technological line for accesses to pig iron desulfurization stands. The realized modernization makes possible to operate in specific service conditions. In order to secure possibility to operate remotely the locomotive in a danger area, the locomotive is equipped with the mentioned below systems:

1. Wireless remote control system for locomotive operation, making possible to operate the locomotive by a driver- operator staying outside the driver's cabin (as a rule near by the draft). This system realizes among others the mentioned below functions:
·    start / stop for diesel engine,
·    precise starting,
·    shunting - technological travelling (or line without shunt),
·    acceleration (increase/decrease in power),
·    precise braking/release,
·    sudden braking,
·    fast braking,
·    emergency stop (sudden braking),
·    change in travelling direction,
·    catching/uncoupling drafts (with buffer car),
·    sanders,
·    remote unlocking excess breaker switches,
·    horn

2. In order to secure possibility to remote control precisely the locomotive braking and stopping (precise access), control module for combined brake is applied in the 6Da/R locomotive. It allows to obtain the following functions of combined brake on an electric way:
·    readiness state (travelling),
·    one of seven stages for braking (seventh stage means full braking),
·    sudden and fast braking.

3. The locomotive is equipped with a mechanized screw coupling built in at the front and back of locomotive frame, which allows to mate with the protective car by remote control. Mechanizing of operations for coupling locomotive with car draft (previously formed draft of pig iron- cars) will be realized by the booster operating with the typical screw coupling in accordance with Polish Standard PN-77/K-88160. The process of coupling assistance does not realize medium connecting to the draft.

4. Considering existence of the appreciable graphite dustiness on the technological track, the system of fan suction for traction engine of back truck was reconstructed and blow reversible channels were made - intake of cooling air from traction engines and directing it to the machine cabin.

5. Locomotive operation will be realized in the zone where hot chips may occur and having it in consideration the locomotive structure is shielded by elements of steel sheet of 1.5 mm in thickness, fastened to plating sheets. Window shields made of steel sheet are also applied, which are fastened to the wall of driver's cabin in a way making possible to disassemble them easily and quickly.

Basic technical parameters of 6Da/R locomotive:
Locomotive power590 KW / 800 HP/
Track gauge1435 mm
Axle arrangementBo-Bo
Set thrust per track (full reserve)18.0+/- 3% t
Mas Locomotive weight (2/3 reserve)71 t
Maximum speed (manual control)90 km/h
Maximum speed (wireless remote control)
(during operation on the technological track)
4 km/h
Remote control range1,5 km
Transmitter power0,5 W
Frequency437,475 MHz

System of wireless remote control receiver built in the locomotive

Control block for locomotive brake


System of filtration and air-tight sealing for locomotive machine cabins

Control unit

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