DST-0285 road crane




Technical parameters of DST-0285 crane

Special chassis, model PS 285, 3-axial, welded frame of "PONTOON" type. 6x4 wheel drive.

Six-in-line, diesel, vertical, liquid cooled, model SW 680/217, 178 kW (242 HP) at 2200 r.p.m.
Fuel tank capacity: 300 dm3.

Power transmission system
CLUTCH: single dry plate, 17" diameter.
GEARBOX: S6-90 six forward speeds and reverse, mechanically operated.
DISTRIBUTING GEARBOX: two speeds SR-550 with output to hydraulic pump drive,
electropneumatically controlled.

Axles and driving axles
OS-253 turning axle with max. turning angle 32o.
Driving axles FRD 25-30 and RRD 25-30.

Front - flexible mounted: leaf springs and fluid springs.
Rear - rigid mounted : relative flexibility on the rocking lever.

Seven wheels, tube tyres, 14.00-20 PR22 ply.

Turning system
Mechanical with hydraulic assistance, dual circuit, max. working pressure: 8.5 MPa.
Steering gear - ratio of 25.5.
Additional, external hydraulic cylinder assists a turn.

Hydraulic system
Supply: 2 piston pumps built on distribution box, capacity of 2 x 144 dm3/min.,
and pressure of 22.5 MPa.
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 450 dm3, provided with low-pressure filter.
Hydraulic system can be equipped with oil cooler as an option.

Support space 4850 x 5180 mm, hydraulically operated (horizontally and vertically)
with individual control.

Driver’s cab
3-seat, panels of safety glass, adjustable seats, double heating system,
control and checking devices of chassis operation, ventilation.

Electrical system
24 V (40A) 1000W alternator, 2 batteries 12 V/180 Ah, lighting and signalling of 24 V.

Traction parameters
Max. travelling speed: 67 km/h, on the ground: 34 km/h.
Min. speed: 1.8 km/h.
Negotiating gradients: 26% / 50%.
Turning radius: 11.4 m.
Total weight of crane: 27.6 /28.1 t
Axle loads:
Front: 100 kN/ 102 kN
Rear: 2 x 88 kN/ 2x90kN

Crane JIB
Telescopic, 3-section, length: L = 10+7+7=24 m.
Synchronously moved by hydraulic cylinder and rope system.
Telescoping, laden 50% (max 8 t).
Telescoping time: 12.0 - 15.0 m/min.
Three-rope sheaves hook block 32 t and weight of 335 kg.

JIB equipment
Lattice fly jib 8 m long , auxiliary extension boom 7 m long, hook block with
lifting capacity of 5 t and weight of 115 kg.
Extension boom is available in tubular lattice version,
can be located on main boom for road travel.

Hoisting specifications
Max. force in rope 57 kN.
Hoisting speed hook block:
Main hoisting winch: 6-falls of rope (4-falls of rope)
nominal:6.1 - 8.5 ( 9.1 - 12.9 ) m/min
accelerated: 12.2 - 17.2 (18.5 - 26 ) m/min
Auxiliary hoisting winch:
nominal: 55.5 - 66 m/min
Rope diameter : main winch - 18 mm; auxiliary winch - 16/18 mm.
Rope length: main hoisting winch - 190 m, auxiliary winch - 140 m.
Drive: piston engines of constant absorbing capacity
with disk brake, planetary gears.

Hydraulic cylinder of double-sided action.
Working angle range -2.5°, + 80°
Derricking time: 40 s.

Rotation mechanism
Drive: hydraulic toothed engine, planetary gear with disk brake.
Rotation bearing with toothed wheel rim.
Rotation speed, laden 0.2 - 1.6 r.p.m.;
(with boom extend up to 20 m or operation without load - max 3.2 r.p.m.

Fluent control of all crane's movements.
Intermediate control by hydraulic controllers placed in operator's cabin.
Control pressure: 3.0 MPa.
Supply from gear pump built on chassis with capacity of 32 dm3/min.

Constant with weight of 2 t , mounted on body frame.

Operator’s cab
Modern, ergonomic, with safety glass windows, full visibility, adjustable seat,
equipped with independent heating and ventilation system.
Checking devices and controllers of engine and body operation are built in.

Electrical system
24 V, single conductor, negative earth ,supply from chassis batteries.

Safety equipment
Hydraulic system equipped with safety, overload and brake valves.
Electric limit switches for positions of lifting, lowering and limit switch for rotation.
Electric load limiter (analog or digital) with signalling of 90% and 105.0% load and with
blocking of operation movements at overload.
The actual indication of hoisting parameters on limiter screen.

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