Modernized locomotive type ST44

Operation conditions:
- ambient temperature range- 30° ÷ + 40°
- max. altitude above sea level1200 m
- max. air humidity95%

ST44BF diesel locomotive is appropriated for hauling freight cars on both wide and standard gauge.

This locomotive is equipped with the following modern sets and devices:
- genset (diesel engine + AC generators)
- electric control system and deck diagnostic
- modern ergonomic control cabinets
- auxiliary systems driven by AC motors
- hydrostatic drive for main fan
- screw compressor with electric drive
- braking system with pneumatic board
- fire protection system
- self acting braking system
- active dead-man’s system
- radio-stop system
- the required speed system
- the required force system
- air conditioning system for cabins
- independent genset for heating of main engine

ST44 locomotives before modernization


ST44 locomotives after modernization


Axle arrangementCo-Co
Track gauge1520 mm or 1435 mm
Weight120 t
Length17400 mm
Height4220 mm
Width3080 mm
New/worn wheel diameter1000/920 mm
Max. speed100 km/h
Diesel engineCAT 3516
Power of diesel engine2240 kW
Diesel engine speed1800 min
Electrical transmissionAC/DC
Tractive force at starting400 kN
Min. radius of track arc100 m
Fuel reserve6000 l

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