Braking system components

Braking system components – a group of goods applied for brake control systems of rail vehicles. This group mainly consists of equipments for pneumatic brake control of cars, locomotives and electrical train units.

In the range of freight cars
Fablok offers complete pneumatic brake systems (brake types: O-GP and O-GP-A) and brake shoe adjusters.

In the range of locomotives
Fablok offers: main driver’s valves, auxiliary driver’s valves, electropneumatic valves, reducing valves, pressure relay valves.

Distributor valves for cars

1.Distributor valve      ESt3fH1E1e
2.Distributor valveESt3f/HBG300H1E01
3.Distributor valveESt3f/AL2bH1E2b
4.Distributor valveESt3f/AL2cH1E2c
5.Distributor valveESt3f/HBG300/AL2bH1E02
6.Distributor valveESt3f/HBG300/AL2cH1E02c
7.Distributor valveH1E02cH1E3a, H1E3aN
8.Distributor valveESt4f/HBG300H1E03, H1E03N
9.Distributor valveESt4f/REL2/EV30H1E4c, H1E4cN
10.Distributor valveESt4f/REL2/EV3H1E4d, H1E4dN
11.Distributor valveESt4f/HBG300/REL2/EV3H1E04, H1E04N
12.Distributor valveESt4f/REL2/ELS410H1E41a
13.Distributor valveESt4f/REL2/EV3/ML1H1E42a
14. Distributor valveESt4f/REL2/EV3/ELS105H1E43b
All types of distributor valves are made in versions adjusted to size of braking cylinder and reservoir capacity-these data should be given in an order.

Distributor valves brackets-previous versions
Distributor valves brackets- modernized