Driving bogies for diesel locomotives type 1LNa

Wózek 2-osiowy typu 1LNa

   Two-axle bogie, type 1 LNa is designed for diesel shunting locomotives type 6Da.

 1LNa bogie application for 6Da/6D locomotive enables locomotive running through track arc with very short radius: min. 50 m at limiting crookedness of railway track defined in ORE B55 Rp.6 report.

Main data

Bogie weight13.7 t
Unsprung weight per one axle3.56 t
Bogie base2.6 m
Speed of vehicle90 km/h
Number of wheel sets2
Diameter of rolling circle1100 mm
Min. radius of track arc50 m
Rated set load per track17.5 t
Track gauge1435 mm1435 mm
Type of brakeOerlikon, edition VI
GaugeUIC 505-1