Diesel locomotive type 6Da

Fablok - Lokomotywa spalinowa 6Da

    The 6Da is a 4-axial, 2-bogie locomotive with an electrical transmission. This unit meets UIC 505-1, issue VI, requirements referring to a gauge and crookedness of a railway track determined in the report ORE B55 Rp.8.
    The locomotive is applied for operation in a moderate climate with ambient temperature from -25oC ÷ +35oC, and altitude 1000m, at an average humidity 70% above sea level.

    The locomotive is specially suitable for mean and heavy switching at stations and hump-yards. A suitable design of the electrical systems allows to gain max. speed up to 90 km /h. This locomotive can be used for hauling both passenger coaches and light freight cars.
    The electrical system is adjusted for ( during line duty ) coupling two locomotives of the same type. It allows to obtain a double tractive force.


Diesel locomotive6Da
Track gauge1435 mm
Axles arrangementBo-Bo
Weight in working order70 + -3% t
Load of the set on the track17.5 t
Diameter of drive wheels1100 mm
Length over buffers14240 mm
Maximum width3160 mm
Maximum height4285 mm
Maximum speed90 km/h
Continuous speed13.0 km/h
Theoret. tractive force at219 kN
Tractive force at continous speed112 kN
One-hour speed10.2 km/h
Tractive force at one-hour speed130 kN
Min. radius of the track curvature50 m
Weight per 1 m of the track5.05 t/m
Fuel reserve2815 l
Bogie type1 LNa
Diesel enginea8C22
Power rating590 kW
Nominal engine speed1000 1/min
Fuel consumption224 g/kWh
Weight of dry engine8800 kg
Power and speed governorWoodward
Main generator DCLSPa-740
Power rating558 kW
Continuous running512V/1000A
Weight4350 kg
Auxiliary generatorLSPf-280
Power rating10 kW
Continuous running110V/91A
Weight500 kg
Traction enginesLSf-430
Power rating173 kW
Continuous running703V/250A
Weight2500 kg
Air brakeOerlikon